no one ever message me about achievement hunter

and certainly no one send me fanvideos

or fanart

or fanfics


don’t do it.


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"Do you want to fuck?" (Koenig, Ezra M.)

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Koenig, Ezra M. “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.” Vampire Weekend. Vampire Weekend. XL Recording, 2008. CD.   


"Alone Through Windows", by Joshua Trottier

» if anyone cares about my stupid progression to hipster-freshness i've made a pinterest

I always thought women’s prison would be more about community and girl power and stuff. But some of these women just seem crazy.

Q: what about this though? timelordgifsDOTtumblrDOTcom/post/92223694683/720p-dw-s1-s4-downloads ?? i don't use torrents so i can't check but maybe anybody else can?

oh shit i didnt know that was a thing - i’ve never seen 720p doctor who for seasons 1-4 before

asked by Anonymous
Q: hi, i, um, i hate to be a pest but when you gif doctor who s2-4 how do you get around it not being in 720p?

you don’t unfortunately. 

asked by Anonymous


watercolor tattoos