i went thru your gif tags and it seems you haven't answered this before, so erm, i tried out your gif tutorial and it worked wonders, the only thing is my gifs are terrible quality? they look really grainy idk what to do. :/ i use cs3 thanks

i’ve never used cs3 before but when you’re saving it make sure you have your settings the same as mine

they will become a bit grainy but not by much. if you’re making your gif 500p in width make sure you only have 8 frames or less, otherwise the quality will reduce by a lot.

11/10/12  (+6)  

hello! I scanned through your gifhelp area and quite possibly have missed if you answered it already, but how do you get a psd to play for the entire gif? Whenever I try it simply plays through all the edit frames. Thank you! :D

make sure you have the first frame selected when you drag on the psd, then it will apply to all the frames ^.^

how d oyou put a border on text?

when selected on your text layer go to the fx icon and click stroke ^.^

if you’re adding text to a gif, do it at the very end, right before you save it. go to the first frame of your gif and add the text/stroke, then select all the frames and go fx > stroke > okay again (stroke will already be checked off, do it anyways), this will add the stroke to all the frames of your gif ^.^

09/30/12  (+2)  

My VLCplayer keeps on automatically capping even when I'm not pressing the hotkey, and even when the video is paused. How do I fix that?

Preferences > Show All > Video > Filters > Make sure nothing is in the “Video Filter Module”

09/26/12  (+1)  

VLCPlayer also won't let me save my caps to a specific place, what should I do?

click browse to select your destination folder, save, quit VLC and reopen it!

09/26/12  (+2)  

what are you sharpen setting for gifs?

when i was using cs5 on my pc i would always use these settings with a radius of 0.3 or 0.4

but now with cs6 on my mac 0.3 is too sharp and 0.2 isn’t sharp enough, so i’m still looking for good settings ^.^

09/03/12  (+3)  

Hi! I was looking at your gif tutorial you made on pscs5, but i use ps6. I was running into some trouble with the "animation" part. Instead of animation, it's "timeline", right? but I can't see the "make frames from layers" options on the timeline drop down menu. What should I do instead? thank you so much:)

i had to figure this out when i got cs6 too!

open the timeline and click “convert to frame animation” or whatever it says, then in the bottom left is an icon that’s a series of squares, click that and you’ve got your frame animation ^.^

08/31/12  (+1)  

hi! i was wondering how you upload large gifs you've made? like ones that surpass the 1g limit. a friend told me to try uploading to photobucket or tinypic and then link the url, but i tried that and it didn't work. so i'm just confused about how others can upload these huuuuge gifs.

i haven’t made any over the 1MB size limit? if you’re making a gif with a 500px width though try to keep the frames under 8 ^.^

Hi! So I tried to make a gif, and the first time it worked out fine. But then I tried again with different clips, and when they're in layers in the animation window, there are about 10 extra frames where they're completely blank, and I don't understand why. Also, when I add a psd, it does not stay on all the frames :( Help?

you dragged on the psd before you converted it to frame animation didnt you? reread the tutorial ;)

So I'm using GIMP 2 to make my gifs and they are publishing on tumblr but not "playing back". Is it GIMP 2? Or is it the size (2.21MB) that's causing this issue? Do you know?

i don’t use GIMP, but if they’re only playing once that’s because you have the repeat set to 1, you need to put it at forever. at least that’s what you’d do in photoshop, idk about gimp

*oh but yeah, the size is way too big too, it needs to be under 1000KB